Body & Soul itinerary

On the occasion of this Olympic year, the Jesuits invite you to explore the spiritual dimension of playing sports and the relationship with the body, through the strains that are experienced in sports activities as well as in the spiritual life.

The «Body & Soul» itinerary offers spiritual training as a family experience. In each booklet, you will find a guided prayer, a time of sharing, a presentation by a Jesuit to explore the theme in greater depth and testimonies. Each family is invited to come together for a time of listening, sharing, and praying.
👉 Body & Soul presentation

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This itinerary is put together by the Family Ministry of the French speaking Jesuit Province of Western Europe, (EOF) in partnership with 4 Jesuit schools (Saint-Louis de Gonzague, Sainte-Marie La Grand’Grange, Provence, Saint-Marc), a Christian Brothers school (La Salle-Saint-Denis), the church of Saint-Paul de la Plaine and the diocese of Saint-Denis.

The Family Ministry, EOF Province, brings together the many initiatives offered by Jesuits for families: summer vacation sessions, week-end and online retreats, simple and creative proposals «to be experienced at home»… All in a joyful spirit united in Christ!